Planet Safety

Welcome to Planet Safety. We are a company that stood since 2007 engaged in industrial Fire Alarm, Fire Jacket, Other Safety Equipments, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Hand Glove, Respiratory Protection, Wearpack / Coveroll, Jogger, Safety Vest, Belt And Harness, Kings, safety lockout series, Safety Glasses, Earplugh, Earmuff, Cotton, Working Gloves, Head Protevtion, Welding Helmet, Half Face Mask, Filter & Catridge, Safety Helmet, Safety Shoes, Safety Boot, Krushers, Rubber, Cheetah, Optima, Redwings, Raincoat, Chemical Wear, Traffic Equipment, Safety Marine, Carabiner, Ropes, Lanyard & Absober, Body Harness, Safety Belt, Helmet Accessories, Protective Clothing, Welding Protection, Oil & Gas, Fullface Mask, Disposable Mask, Isulating Gloves, Heat Resistant, Welding Glove, Cut Resistant, Flashlight, Medical Equipment, Stretcher, First Aid Kid, Security Euipment, Shoes Accessories, Eyewash Portable, Fire Protection, Lockout Kits, Lockout Station, Padlock Station, Valve Lockout, Electrical Lockout Devices, Commercial Safety, Anti Static. We were in Lindeteves trade centre(LTC) Glodok Lt 2 Blok C6 No.2. Discover the variety of our best products (Alat Safety) with quality and the best price you can get.

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